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Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

She was his strength—and his weakness.

Ten years ago, Emma Davenport gave her innocence to a blue-eyed bad boy guaranteed to break her heart. Little did she know, a teenage love would eternally haunt her dreams and change her life.

Now Kane Hunter’s back. With him comes a whirlwind of memories and unrequited dreams. He possesses the means to repair Emma's fractured world and guilt drives him to do all he can for the woman he’s never forgotten.

But when he learns he has a daughter, Kane confronts the one fear that all his success can’t negotiate. Will youthful passion become a reality, or will their love always remain yesterday’s dreams?.

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The Romance Review
This is the first of a two-part series set in Patiki Bay, a small seaside town in New Zealand. YESTERDAY'S DREAMS comes together into a smooth read with a mysterious handsome hero, a strong heroine and a love story that transcends a decade.
As children, Emma and Kane were unlikely friends growing up in Patiki Bay. When she gave up her innocence to this blue-eyed bad boy certain to break her heart, she had no idea that he would haunt her dreams for years to come. But when he leaves Patiki Bay and her behind for a better life elsewhere, part of him stays behind and forces Emma to give up her dreams. Emma immediately earns a place in the reader's heart with her strength, commitment and drive. She needs a man equally as strong and she can find that in Kane if she allows herself to take that step.
The book actually begins when Kane returns ten years later to find Emma nearly unchanged. Kane, however, has found success as a motivating speaker with a worldwide business. With Kane's return comes a whirlwind of memories and unrequited dreams that Emma had hoped to leave behind. While she is fighting the attraction, Kane is embracing it. The author excelled in allowing the relationship to mature more naturally as the storyline rolled along. It was refreshing, and perhaps a bit more realistic, for the couple not to immediately fall into bed on their first moment of reuniting.

Kane holds the key to helping Emma out of the financial difficulty in which she has become immersed but Emma has a difficult choice to make in allowing him to help her. It is when she is forced into a corner by a corrupt bank executive that she turns to Kane for help. Her ability to ask for help exemplified her character and strength. The characterization was executed well.

The unique storyline in this love story is the introduction of their daughter, the very part of Kane that he unknowingly left behind all those years ago. Emma has been raising their daughter as a single mother but when Kane learns about her, he wants to know her. In the midst of a big storm, Emma learns to lean on Kane. The action during the storm lifted the book's momentum to a point when I wondered what could keep the book going since resolution seemed nearly imminent. But the author packed in more emotion that solidified the book as a keeper and let the ending define the book.

The Romance Reviews
Romance, drama and love - what a great recipe for Jean Adams' YESTERDAY'S DREAMS.
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