Four stars from Romantic Times: "This book grabbed me from page one and wouldn't let go until I'd finished the book. Roman was all a woman could ever ask for in a hero and I felt he met his match in Kate."
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Now on Kindle as "THE MAN FROM NOWHERE"

Publisher: Treble Heart Books

Katherine Sabina Price, investigative journalist, accepts first prize in a contest she didn't enter. The prize? Two days with the sexiest man in the world. Seeing it as a chance to redeem her reputation, she means to dig out his dark secrets before he discovers hers. When love gets in the way, her reputation is the least of her worries. She knows she must lose him whether she tells him the truth or not.

Roman Steele, Hollywood hunk, despises liars and the press. Unfortunately, the woman of his dreams is both. And the truth is, once she's in his heart, he has no defense against a powerful love. Roman has more secrets that she can imagine, one so terrible that he's never confided to another soul. Can he trust her to keep his secrets from a gossip-hungry world?

About this book:
THE SABINE CONNECTION was a finalist in the best contemporary category in the 2002 Treble Heart Books contest

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