"This was a terrific book! The author writes well, and Beats a Wild Heart is not the typical romance genre novel. The multilayered story was rich, well crafted, and heart warming. Let me say straight out, I loved this book." ~ Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

"Jean Adams writes a wonderfully sweet romance... her in-depth characterizations, her emotionally packed storyline makes BEATS A WILD HEART an intriguing, and enjoyable read." ~ Robin Peek

Four flames from Word Museum: "Jean Adams has written a wonderful, romantic tale that is sure to please. This is a good book for those who want to escape to the mystic, mythic moors and all the mystery that keeps them alive for the dreamer in us all."

Four stars from Romantic Times: "This wonderfully sweet romance had just a hint of mystery that made me want to finish in a hurry. Highly recommend this one." ~ Kathy Boswell

Five stars from Huntress Reviews: "Fans of the legends about King Arthur will especially adore this story.  Excellent tale that I highly recommend!" ~ Detra Fitch

Five hearts from Love Romances: "Mystery, secrets and intrigue are carefully woven throughout the book, to hold your attention to the satisfying end. Not a typical romance, but alive with the mystery of the mystic and daunting moors, which seem sometimes to have a life of their own." ~ Pam
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Publisher: Highland Press

Emma Hayward has the single minded dream of becoming a world class nature photographer. Excellence means more to this naive American than money, although money would be nice too. Her goal is to do what her more experienced male counterparts have not accomplished - to capture the fabled "beast of Bodmin Moor" on film. She finds Bodmin Moor in Cornwall UK to be daunting, it's swirling fogs and mists frightening. But nothing Bodmin Moor can offer is as threatening to Emma's plans as Seth Trevelyan.

Seth Trevelyan is a man who has lost all trust in others. Nearly every hope and dream has been crushed, save one last secret plan. Abandoned in childhood by his mother, labeled an unwanted bastard by his father, and betrayed by a faithless wife, Seth has given up on any hope of love or joy. When he discovers Emma lost and injured in the fog, he provides her with shelter and medical attention. The unworldly but empathetic Emma sees almost immediately a deep sorrow in the man, along with secrets he tries to hide.

Neither Seth nor Emma have the confidence or courage to face rejection in love. Uneasily, over time, they share past disappointments and future plans with the stark beauty of Bodmin Moor as a backdrop. Instrumental in their understanding of each other is the aging, lonely beast Emma seeks and the regretful mother Seth has shunned for years. Their attraction to each other inevitably progresses to lovemaking, but that intimacy only adds to their insecurity.

About this book:
When I wrote this book, which is set on Cornwallís Bodmin Moor, I was able to explore the legend of The Beast of Bodmin Moor. The beast is a black leopard (panther) said to stalk the moor at night. I donít know about the beast stalking the moor, but I certainly stalked the beast. Didnít find it, though.

I believe every legend has some basis in fact and there have been many sightings in the UK of wild animals on the moors.  When I got back from my trip there was a sighting of a young lion on Dartmoor. Witnesses said it was emaciated. The police went out for days with tracker dogs but no lion was ever found.  BEATS A WILD HEART won best contemporary category in the 2003 Treble Heart Books contest and it received rave reviews.

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